Our Quality Policy

Flexibility, speed and precision are our prerogatives

The Management of B.U.P. UTENSILI establishes this policy in order to define a framework for the organization's objectives.
Flexibility, speed and precision are our prerogatives: those of a dynamic and affirmed company that avails itself of years of experience in the metallurgical sector and of a deep knowledge in the production of tools, above all for the woodworking.
A staff of professionals, engineers and technicians, works with technologically advanced machinery, being able to satisfy even specific customer requirements, thus guaranteeing a customized product.
B.U.P. UTENSILI pursues the following objectives:
Optimization of the production process from the planning stage to reconcile results, time and offer
Customer satisfaction through quality products designed to measure and delivered on time, alongside an increasingly punctual sales network
• Invest time and resources to find more and more advanced products
• Review the product catalog integrating it with new projects
• pursue the continuous improvement of its own quality management system through the use of methods based on the principles of Risk Based Thinking and PDCA (Plan Do Check Act)
• increasingly involve its employees by increasing their knowledge, competence and awareness through training, training and professional awareness.
• ensure full compliance with the regulations in force in our sector
The Management assumes the responsibility to maintain and implement this policy by sharing it with all its stakeholders and periodically reviewing it to assess its adequacy.
Pesaro, 08/03/2018
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